Chris Heule was born on the 31st of March in 1973. He began to play Hammond Organ, Piano and Keyboards at the age of 12. For the next 10 years he practiced and played with several local bands. In 1991 he started playing different recording sessions and released the first album with his own band.

At the end of the nineties he studied for 3 years at the Swiss Jazz School Bern and another 3 years at the Academy of contemporary music in Zurich. With his typical style he became one of the most booked Hammond Organ players in Switzerland.

With the experience and passion of playing, fixing and repairing these special vintage instruments he also became one of europe's best Hammond Organ technicians!

For several years he's been very interested and talented in remixing, programming and editing. That's why he founded his own studio with his favourite tools and instruments.

        Audio-Design KVV Tonstudio         
Christoph Heule         
Erlinsbacherstrasse 22, 5013 Niedergoesgen         

Phone +41 62 849 75 60         
Mobile +41 79 799 48 15         

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